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My Misspent Lavender Desert

Art by Alyssa Hubert

Traditional Method Quince Cider

Ambient ferment, unfined, unfiltered.  

Made with Organic Fruit.

Fermented in stainless steel.

Spartan apple juice spent two weeks on quince mash.

Picked Nov 8, 2020.

Bottled Jan 11, 2021.

Hand riddled, hand disgorged.

Production: 6 cases



The blinding, inexorable light of the desert. A light that turns the flesh of the world into narrative. A sensory memory. 


If you’ve never smelt a quince before it’s very hard to describe. Have you ever been in a lemon grove? Or in the hills of Provence? It smells like citrus and herbs—sweet and leafy. It is so, so fragrant—almost overpowering—but, so refreshing at the same time. Tastes like tinned pineapples, yarrow and green iced-tea. Feels impossible to prevent. 


My Misspent Lavender Desert takes its name from an essay by Meghan Daum, ‘My Misspent Youth’, and the novel Mauve Desert by Nicole Brossard. 


What’s your Aura? I’m a Lavender-Violet. The desert is a dreamy powerful place... 

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